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Savenkov was supported by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), project 855407.

Squirrel is both a set of tools and a library, to completely manage both installation and updating your Desktop Windows application, written in either C# or any other language (i.e., Squirrel can manage native C applications).

The mission of the Guerrilla Skepticism editing team is to improve skeptical content on Wikipedia. So I'm going to attempt to catch people up now.

We do this by improving pages of our skeptic spokespeople, providing noteworthy citations, and removing the unsourced claims from paranormal and pseudoscientific pages.

Given that most nonprofits now have a Community Page that supersedes their Official Page in Facebook searches, and those Community Pages pull in information from Wikipedia, can you see why it is now very important to edit, maintain, and watch your organization’s Wikipedia Page? Please note that edits made on Wikipedia take 24 hours to appear on your organization’s Facebook Community Page. But another organization I used to work for called International Development Exchange has a Wikipedia Page that does need a little sprucing up: Click “Edit” in the upper right Editing backend Formatting text, inserting links and headlines When I first came across IDEX’s Wikipedia Page, it had one sentence and a link to their website.

Unfortunately, a feature that is missing is a proper update feature.

From an app developer's side, it should be really straightforward to create an installer for my app, and publish updates to it, without having to jump through insane hoops.

Refer to our full list of goals for integrating, packaging, distributing, installing, and updating.

In this paper, we present an approach to allow ontology-based updates of wiki content.

Starting from DBpedia-like mappings converting infoboxes to a fragment of ontology, we discuss various issues associated with translating SPARQL updates on top of semantic data to the underlying Wiki content.

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