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Don’t feel uncomfortable, you can cancel at any time.Not talking about it can lead to some strong disappointments.On Whats Your there are two types of Time Vampires.

Spending the same amount of time on the phone or chatting online has the same diluting effect. Whether you are hanging around the desk of a guy you like in the office, or hanging around with him on line and always available, it shows you do not have much else going on (besides being a vampire yourself).

So having this mark means the user is more likely to be serious than a member who doesn’t have this mark: You also know you are dealing with a Time Vampire when there is too much time or communication before setting up a date!

One member complained about countless “get to know me” emails, or “send me more pictures” emails. Online dating is a way of narrowing the playing field, getting specific and finding the right person faster.

Of course the answer to this depends on where the person is coming from, their availability and what the plan is for the date.

Depending on the price of the date, it seems a bit odd to meet for the 30-45 minute coffee.

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