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“The day I realised I could work for myself and be a mother at the same time.

That’s what I want to say to women, you can do that and the world is becoming more open to that. I remember GAP offered my £1000 for a job for their website and I thought that would be coming in every week. It was a huge lesson for me and reminded me to never ever get ahead of yourself and always be cautious.

Currently expecting her third child, she’s curled up on the couch with a cup of tea ready to tell me her life story.

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“In 2013, when I moved to England first, I was pregnant and I was looking for a job.

It was really difficult because I didn’t realise England is so structured, when I was in New York, I’d meet someone on a night out and I’d be on a movie set the next day.

She's still trying to figure out if 'having it all' is really a myth or not and she thinks she may have found the formula – the day she realised she could be at home with her children while still making money on Instagram and have financial independence. “What changed everything for me - especially when I was pregnant – I was working in a call centre earning a fiver an hour, I had to take two trains to get there but it was the only place that would employ me because I was pregnant,” she explains.

“I think I had £200 in my bank account and I was selling e-cigarettes to retail stores over the phone. I got an i Phone when I came to England and that really changed it for me.

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