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At the time I was just an innocent 18 year old enjoying life with some friends.

My name is Max, and this is the story of how a small 20 person gathering turne[SISSY/Domination & Submission] By Frilly Maid [Mistress makes her sissy slave pay the rent - the hard way!

It had started with the boss, Nick acting differently.

Suddenly he was a quiet and reasonable person, well at least compared to before.

I saw her the moment that I walked into the party, dancing with two of her friends, laughing with a smile as bright as the sun. Her green eyes [TRANSVESTITE] By Sissyelaine [Forced into slavery.] At school I was hopeless in class but excelled in all sports and in art.

It remains a favorite fantasy of 'what if'[TRANSVESTITE] By hobbnobb77 [A sissy has a special night out to fulfill her secret desire.] As a young man growing up in a small town it is difficult to do anything out of the norm without being caught.

Everybody knowing your business made you keep secrets about your true feelings.

The thought of her in any of the three instantly brought naught[TRANSVESTITE/Bisexual] By alienfreaknugget [A crossdressing sub takes a chance with his trailer park neighbor.] I've been meaning to write this story for some time.

It could have easily happened had I taken the initiative but instead, I chickened out.

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[TRANSVESTITE] By curiousj4 [A ruined costume leads to an unexpected night.] 'Should I wear my witch costume, my Cinderella one, or the cat costume tonight?

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