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Both The Sopranos and The Wire end on purgatorial notes.

The former envisions Tony, his compulsively enabling wife Carmela, and their kids Meadow and A. trapped in a figurative-seeming restaurant that also suggests a church, a spiritual way station, and death row, with every ring of the front doorbell and every movement of an unfamiliar customer ratcheting up the sense of dread.

Some get what they want through cleverness or ruthlessness, others through corruption or exhausted compromise.

If the implied question of every season of The Wire was, “Why is modern city life so disappointing?

These aren’t just shows with an attitude or a style, they’re shows with a philosophy, a worldview, a take on the species.

Chase’s The Sopranos balances subjective and objective storytelling, zooming into the consciousness of main character Tony Soprano but also pulling out to give us a view of his blood family, crime family, neighborhood, county, state, and nation. My colleague Alan Sepinwall once summed up Chase’s take on human nature as “people don’t change.” That may be a slight oversimplification; I think Chase sees humanity as capable of change but unwilling or unable to implement it and stick with it.

I can’t tell you how many times I opened up a newspaper during The Wire’s five-season run and happened upon a story of cop corruption or criminal stupidity or official malfeasance in government that reminded me of something I saw on the show.Tony is still imprisoned in a cage of his own making (and his bloodline’s), yet the series raises the question: If a person lacks the self-awareness to realize he’s a moral disaster, then can any emotional state, however unpleasant, really be considered "punishment"?The Wire’s fifth season shows representatives of new generations taking slots once occupied by older mentors, colleagues, or enemies.” the show answered it with something like, "Because cities are run by people, and people — even the idealistic ones — ultimately prefer comfort to integrity and familiarity to change.” That’s why the most heartening ongoing story on Simon’s show may belong to Bubbles, the drug addict played by Andre Royo.It took him five seasons to get clean, but he finally did it.

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Some of these additions seemed imported from the documentaries of Frederick Wiseman (High School, Basic Training, Public Housing).

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