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During the election process, she declared that she won’t vote for either Trump or Hillary Clinton.

Though, she has been linked to her best friends, Rachel Maddow and Tila Tequila!

The 32-year-old grew up as a public figure in politics and is now a celebrated columnist and blogger, a New York Times bestselling author, as well as a Fox News contributor and host.

Not one for labels and stereotypes, Mc Cain has described herself as a Republican, who is “liberal on social issues.” She is a champion of gay and equal marriage rights.

She once said she broke up with a man over her favorite news anchor, Bill O’Reilly. The reason Mc Cain was given for the break up was, “I don’t want to watch Bill O’Reilly with you.” So, does that mean Meghan Mc Cain has ruled out marriage? Just not anytime soon, as she states, “I am still dating and love my job and not ready to settle down at all.

I spend a lot of time dancing in gay bars and want my gay friends to be able to get married, but I don’t know if I ever want to get married and have kids.

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If you’re asking that question, you need to crawl out of that rock you’ve been living under!

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