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season finale party at 30 Rock…They would make out a bit, then go back to talking," one source said."They were at the bar in front of everyone…they made out at least twice…Then, they went back to talking and hangout with other people."Earlier this year, Johansson talked to Howard Stern about her the uncertainties of her future love life after filing for divorce from art show curator Romain Dauriac.So use this list as a jumping off point for discovering new shows to see and comedy albums to listen to.Stand-up is still dominated by men, but you could be part of the wave of fans that take these female comics to the next level of fame.If you belong to a needlework guild or you have a circle of stitching friends – or maybe you just have one close stitching friend – or maybe just one person you know who loves embroidery or art in general – this calendar can’t go wrong as a perfect Christmas gift. If you’d like to win your own copy of the 2017 Inspirations calendar, join in today’s give-away following the guidelines down below! So, if you’d like to adorn your wall with the gorgeous 2017 Inspirations Calendar – and help keep yourself organized at the same time! Don’t fret if your comment does not appear on the site immediately.

You Tuber Evan Puschak, who goes by the handle “The Nerd Writer”, has posted a new video in which he examines Donald Trump’s unique linguistic style to see what it may tell us about his meteoric rise in the Republican primary.

Still, that's no excuse to have your go-to female comic list begin and end with Amy Schumer.

She definitely deserves a spot on your roster, but there are so many more funny women to choose from. Some have found fame as TV stars who still fit in a set or two on the side.

And I’m also going to announce the scissor winners from A Stitcher’s Christmas #4! Everyone who sees my yearly Inspirations calendar, comments on it – even non-embroidery-enthusiasts. For those of us living in the US, I’m so glad they carry this year’s calendar – it makes shipping a lot faster!

A hanging calendar an indispensable household tool. And when a calendar features beautiful embroidery, it makes it that much easier for me to look at it, use it, love it!

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