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Dodge, the District Attorney, was not aggressively pursuing the mob and political corruption. He recruited a staff of over 60 assistants, investigators, process servers, stenographers, and clerks. La Guardia assigned a picked squad of 63 police officers to Dewey's office. All the paraphernalia, the hideouts and tapped telephones and so on, became famous.Lehman, to avoid charges of partisanship, asked four prominent Republicans to serve as special prosecutor. Dewey's targets were organized racketeering: the large-scale criminal enterprises, especially extortion, the "numbers racket" and prostitution. More than any other American of his generation except [Charles] Lindbergh, Dewey became a creature of folklore and a national hero.In 1939, Dewey also tried and convicted American Nazi leader Fritz Julius Kuhn for embezzlement, crippling Kuhn's organization and limiting its ability to support Nazi Germany in World War II.During his four years as District Attorney, Dewey and his staff compiled a 94 percent conviction rate of defendants brought to trial, created new bureaus for Fraud, Rackets, and Juvenile Detention, and led an investigation into tenement houses with inadequate fire safety features that reduced "their number from 13,000 to 3,500" in a single year.Another key to all this may be expressed in a single word: honesty.

He briefly considered a career as a professional singer, but decided against it after a temporary throat ailment convinced him that such a career would be risky. Dewey rocketed to fame in 1935, when he was appointed special prosecutor in New York County (Manhattan) by Governor Herbert H. A "runaway grand jury" had publicly complained that William C.When he left the District Attorney's office in 1942 to run for governor, Dewey said that "It has been learned in high places that clean government can also be good politics...I don't like Republican thieves any more than Democratic ones." By the late 1930s Dewey's successful efforts against organized crime—and especially his conviction of Lucky Luciano—had turned him into a national celebrity.Schultz's first trial ended in a deadlock; prior to his second trial, Schultz had the venue moved to Malone, New York, then moved there and garnered the sympathy of the townspeople through charitable acts so that when it came time for his trial, the jury found him innocent, liking him too much to convict him.Dewey and La Guardia threatened Schultz with instant arrest and further charges. Dewey would be killed while he made his daily morning call to his office from a pay phone near his home. Dewey raided 80 houses of prostitution in the New York City area and arrested hundreds of prostitutes and "madams".

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Many of the prostitutes – some of whom told of being beaten and abused by Mafia thugs – were willing to testify to avoid prison time.

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