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On a Windows system you would do it with something of this sort: For this to work you need to either install the debugger into both Python installations or not install it at all.Remember that you can use Winpdb without installing order to be able to enforce that there must be a copyright holder that can take action.

We need to do both, and we need to keep the two efforts in balance.

First I chose GPL for Winpdb, then only 2 years later I actually discovered Free Software, what it stands for and the fascinating universe behind these two words, but now a year later I have stumbled on a problem.

GPL is a tool that uses copyright to enforce software freedom, but…

To pull the latest version of Winpdb from the repository do the [...] My search for the perfect editor has finally come to an end.

Yesterday I found it and it is called Net Beans IDE 6.5.

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Instructions are available at Source If you find anything that got broken with this update please let me know.

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