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I am very confused over WPF , C# and allowing the GUI to update.

It seems the render dispatcher action only works for a few seconds then the GUI just freezes and doesn't update till the entire process finishes.The worker process is performed in the FTP class So the business model needs to know if the FTP was successful before continuing with the next step.With a work complete event that would be in the FTP helper class wouldn't it?3.) with worker_Run Worker Completed you return back to your foreground / form thread for good. The MVVM uses a business logic model class to perform the steps A B C. To do this the business logic model class uses a helper FTP class.Now if you need to call any method only after some process has finished, all you need to do is call that process from worker_Run Worker Completed: You need to get away from the notion of handling it all in you Get(...) method. Let the processing be done by the worker(s) and call other methods/workers depending on the parameter/success criteria you pass with e.result respectively. Step B must only run if step A succeeds and step C only if A & B succeeds.

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Put() method until the background work has finished? "In complete darkness we are all the same, it is only our knowledge and wisdom that separates us, don't let your eyes deceive you." "If a shortcut was meant to be easy, it wouldn't be a shortcut, it would be the way! " Free Electronic Dance Music But that is not the proper way to handle things here.

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