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The splendor of the collection came to the attention of the western world largely through their use by Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and his Shahbanu Farah Pahlavi during official ceremonies and state visits.

The Iranian crown jewels are considered so valuable that they are still used as a reserve to back Iranian currency (and have been used this way by several successive governments).

The museum has onsite guides with knowledge of Persian, English, French and Russian languages.

The crown jewels were last used by the Pahlavi dynasty, the last to rule Iran.Quoting from private detective Michael Hershman's interviews to some media houses, she said he was asked by then finance minister VP Singh to look into the Bofors deal but was later offered a bribe and then given death threat when he stumbled on the evidence of the bribe.The then prime minister Rajiv Gandhi shifted Singh to the defence ministry while Hershman was also asked to implicate Singh, she said.It is time that it answers as to what was the role of Congress leaders then and now," she asked, adding that many of them are still around.The Congress has had a tendency to either bribe or give death threats to people looking into dubious deals involving its leaders, she alleged.

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She said the Congress was trying to prove its leaders involved in the Bofors case and Robert Vadra, Sonia Gandhi's son-in-law involved in controversial land deals, innocent.

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